A cheap way for families to travel!

I love to travel and go on road trips, but I do not always have a lot of money to pay for hotels. My answer? I stay in a KOA Kamping Kabin! It’s not as rustic as sleeping on the ground and you don’t have to stop and pitch the tent, but it’s also not as expensive as a hotel. The kabins always have fans, electrical outlets and locking doors. I’m sure there are other campgrounds that offer camping cabins, but I stick with KOA because they are consistent and easy to use. The campgrounds are always kid friendly and the bathrooms are clean. You can also buy a membership to save 10% on your stay, (among other benefits.) Plus, there are KOAs all over the place in the US and Canada. They are a good option for traveling on a budget.

If you go, don’t forget your atlas!

I got this one for my kids:

Have fun!

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