Free books and a way to catalog your home library!

If you love reading and learning about new books, (and you are nerdy enough to want to catalog your books!) you may want to visit and join Library Thing! This site allows you to catalog your books, view your friends’ collections, make new friends with similar interests, get recommendations and more. You can join for free and you can start entering your book titles; however, the free membership is limited. If you want to add hundreds of books, you can join for $10 a year or $25 for life. I joined for life in 2009 and have really gotten my money’s worth. Why? Because, as a member, you can apply to be an “early reviewer.” Authors and publishers list their unreleased books that they giving away for free and you can apply to be a reviewer. If chosen, you will receive the book in the mail (or sometimes they offer e-books.) You are expected to review the book in exchange. If you don’t actually review it, there are no consequences; however, being a good reviewer lets the site give you higher priority for future free books. I always try to be fair and thorough in my reviews and I’ve received a couple dozen free books that I’ve reviewed. In fact, I discovered one of my favorite authors this way! It’s a great way for you to discover unknown authors, as well as a great way for them to let you discover their books. Good deal!

I read and reviewed Arcadia Falls by Carol Goodman and liked it so much, I went on to read all of her books!

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