A Girl Scout badge book for adults!

You Can Do It: The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls–Dare to Dream, Learn Something New, Do Something Just For You! by Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas

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I bought this book a few years ago and didn’t realize until today that the author was one of the people killed on Flight 93 on 9/11. I’m not sure why I didn’t catch that before, but it was such a heavy weight to just read that fact. Her family finished her dream after her death and the profits for the book go to a charitable foundation in her honor.

I actually bought this book on someone else’s recommendation. We were chatting and I mentioned that I had really loved being a girl-scout and I wished there was something like scouting for adults. I liked having a goal and a group to work on it with while we had fun. I also liked getting the colorful badges for my sash 🙂 That’s when my friend told me about this book. What a great idea! Okay, so you don’t get to go to scout meetings and have a snack, (although I’m sure you could arrange a few friends,) but it’s a book of ideas and ways to get started. It’s very inspiring and there are even colorful paper punch-out badges in the back!

There are 60 different badges, (plus some “extra credit” badges,) divided into categories:

Some of the badges you can earn include:
speak-up–public speaking, bead it–beading, be a renaissance girl–art appreciation, hang ten–surfing, pop the hood–car care and trace your roots–genealogy

Each badge includes about 8 pages that start with the benefits. Then there is a page from a mentor who is accomplished in that area, the steps to reach basic goals, and ideas for moving further–including a list of resources. Now, you won’t become an expert from this book alone. It simply gives you the starting steps. For some of the activities, you will need to branch out to other resources. However, it is a fun book with lots of inspiring ideas. It is basic enough to get you excited and push you in the right direction and it’s a good collection with a variety of topics. I think I’m going to try the “pop the hood” badge next because I’m clueless about cars!

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