Clues For Real Life: The Classic Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew

Clues for Real Life: The Classic Wit and Wisdom of Nancy Drew

I was a big Nancy Drew fan as a kid, so when I saw this on Amazon a few years ago, I really wanted to read it! I’m glad I got it. This is a really clever and fun book that was a nice reminder of the books I loved so much. There really is advice in this book, and some of it can apply to real life, but a lot of the advice is witty comments from Nancy Drew books–things that might not apply to your life if you aren’t pursuing crooks. 🙂 They are really fun taken out of context! This book has 176 glossy pages with clever quotes, illustrations from the books, trivia and games, recipes, and more. There’s even a comparison of the original 1930’s versions of the books to the updated 1950’s versions that were much tamer. This book includes a great collection of information for Nancy Drew fans and it’s easy to read because it has so much variety.

Some examples of advice include:
“An old sack tied over your head by a criminal is not a very fashion-forward accessory.” (page 134) Indeed! Then there’s “If someone’s trying to buy a house and it suddenly becomes haunted, it’s probably not a coincidence.” (page 26.) But some of the advice is more serious: “You know he’s the guy for you when he’s a tried and true friend.” (page 81.) Awww!

The chapter titles are:

1. Hidden Secrets: The Evolution of Nancy Drew
2. Career Clues: Being Your Best on the Job
3. Friendship Files: Lessons Learned From Bess and George
4. Mysterious Men: Solving Your Dating Dilemmas
5. Everyday Villains: Dealing with Difficult People
6. The Traveling Suitcase: Around the World With Nancy
7. The Style Sleuth: Notes on Nancy’s Fashions
8. Recipe for Adventure: In the Kitchen with Nancy
9. Search for Fun: Test Your Puzzle-Solving Skills

I wouldn’t consider this a true self-help book, but it is a witty collection of quotes and some real-life advice. I’d recommend it to anyone who loved Nancy Drew as a kid. The books is good for kids and adults alike, and it will bring back fun memories for you.

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