Night light colors may affect your mood

Color therapy!

Color therapy!

Years ago, I had an unusual doctor who treated me in the typical way as far as giving prescriptions, etc…, but she also gave advice about alternative treatment. For example, she recommended using aromatherapy products to brighten my mood or reduce stress and she recommended color therapy as well. She asked me what kinds of colors I liked to wear, and what colors I used to decorate my house. I told her I used a lot of earthy colors like green and brown, and she pointed out that I didn’t have a lot of reds or oranges in my life. That is true. She gave me a maroon-colored silk sample and suggested I just enjoy the color of it, as well as trying to add more reds in my life. She thought it would help me feel less depressed and more energetic. I’m not sure how true this is, but I liked the idea of adding more variety in my life, so I’ve kept her advice in mind. When I buy decorations for my home, I try to find things that match my colors but also have reddish highlights. If nothing else, they are pretty, right?

Tonight I was reading through some psychology studies and found this article. Now, this is a study based on hamsters, so the article warns that it might not work for humans, but it does give us something to think about. The article found that at night, it’s best to have total darkness, but if you do like a night light, you maybe best off using a red night light instead of clear or blue. Hamsters that had red night lights at night were less depressed. The researchers concluded that people who work third shift may benefit from red-based lighting instead of white lights.

Of course there is a stigma to using a red light 😉 but reading this study reminded me of the maroon silk sample my old doctor gave me. It’s interesting advice to use red-colored items to avoid depression. Maybe there is something to color therapy….

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