Letting go of the bad things in my life has allowed the good things to come in

Letting go of the bad things lets the good things come in!

Letting go of the bad things lets the good things come in!

Until recently, I was dealing with a situation that was making me miserable. I wanted it to be a good situation and I felt like there was potential for it to be a really great place for me, but what I wanted was not what was. I realized I was being co-dependent with this situation! When you are in a toxic codependent relationship with a person, you often keep trying to “fix” them and get them to treat you better, but it’s a dead-end. Well, I was doing that with a situation with a group of people rather than a person. I had enjoyed many good times within the group but it was a situation that was destroying my ability to remain positive, and trying to fix the situation was sucking up a lot of my time. So I took the leap and said “no more.” Maybe this situation has potential, but it is not good for me now, and I’m driving myself crazy trying to fix it. I sadly said “goodbye” and realized I needed to move on.

Within a week, a better situation came up for me! It truly was a case of closing one door and having another open for me at the right time. This has caused me to remember various cliches about God closing a door but opening a window, removing the bad to let the good come in, etc…. How many of us are missing the good things that could happen for us because we are so busy trying to make the wrong things fit where they don’t belong? I’m not saying we should give up on everything that annoys us, but if you have a bad situation in your life that is doing you more harm than good, it may be time to move on. Remember, you can’t fix others; you can only fix yourself. Good things can be out there for you if you go find them!

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