Don’t get stuck in a dead end and miss out on reaching your real goals


Today I am thinking about how tempting it is to take instant results instead of waiting for something better. How many times do these trips down dead-end roads steer us away from our real goals and the road we should be on? Do we take dead-end jobs because they pay more money immediately, but end up missing out on real careers that start slowly but pay off in the long run? Do we date the person that’s kind of fun for now and waste our time, which keeps us from meeting the person we really want to be with? Do we take a day off work to play and miss out on making money that we need? It is so easy to pursue instant gratification, but in the end the cost is often more than it’s worth. There is a need to take risks to get to our end goals, but it is important that we don’t take too many detours from our real desires, because every quick and fun dead-end keeps us from reaching what we really want. Real success and satisfaction comes from looking ahead in life and never settling for the cheap imitation of what we truly desire.

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