Take your vitamin D to avoid seasonal depression, cold and flu

Take your vitamin D to avoid seasonal depression, cold and flu

Take your vitamin D to avoid seasonal depression, cold and flu

As we get into the winter season here in the United States, many people face seasonal problems such as wintertime blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder and recurring colds or flus. It’s not always the happiest or healthiest time of the year, but there are things we can do to raise our moods and boost our immune systems.

One thing we can do is eat or take more Vitamin D. We all know that a well-balanced diet with good nutrition is important, but there are multiple studies showing that Vitamin D in particular has many important benefits–especially in the winter. For example, getting more Vitamin D can help improve seasonal depression, ward off colds and improve blood pressure.

This study found that depressed people who took Vitamin D supplements recovered better than people using light therapy. (Another related study showed that infants who received higher levels of Vitamin D were less likely to develop schizophrenia and people with other mental health problems had lower levels of Vitamin D.) Multiple studies found lower levels of Vitamin D in depressed people; however, for happier people who were not Vitamin D deficient to begin with, extra Vitamin D didn’t make a difference.

Another study reminds us that Vitamin D is great for bone health, but it also regulates the immune system. Vitamin D in cod liver oil has even been used for tuberculosis infections! One study found that people with low levels of Vitamin D were more likely to become sick and another found that people who took extra Vitamin D were less likely to catch the flu.

This article shows even more benefits of Vitamin D:
Regulating high blood pressure, reduced pre-cancerous polyps, lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis and more!

Some studies show that at least 25% of people are deficient in Vitamin D, and these are the people who are more at risk for developing a variety of illnesses. Especially during the winter, it is important to get more sunlight, (getting sun through a window is less effective,) and maybe take a supplement to protect your mood and health.

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