Prioritize your time to care for the people who matter most–New Years Resolution #1


This year I’m going to stop caring too much for people who don’t care about me and start caring more about the people who do care about me.

I think we’ve all done it. We’ve all learned to care more about or like another person more than they like us back. Not that there’s anything wrong with caring about or liking people, but sometimes we spend so much time being there for others who can’t reciprocate, that we neglect the people who do care about us. I’m a codependent type. If I see someone who doesn’t have much family, who seems to be bullied, who seems sad, who seems to be struggling, sometimes I will become very invested in helping that person. I will spend time thinking about them and ways to help then…while they are out having fun with their friends and ignoring me! On the other hand, I have friends who spend time caring about me and I don’t always reciprocate well because I’m caught up with someone else who doesn’t really care a whole lot about me. This year I would like to change that and show more appreciation for the people who care about me while spending less of my precious time pursuing those who can’t or don’t want to.

I think life will be better for me, and would be better for everyone if we prioritized our relationships to focus on those who want to be in our lives and let the people who don’t want to be in our lives us go their own way to spend time with the people who are better suited for them. No more trying to chase friendships or relationships with people who aren’t as dedicated!

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