Dating realities part two: You don’t have to fall in love with everyone you date



You don’t have to fall in love with everyone you date….

Perhaps this seems like common sense to some people, but some of us have trouble with it. Sometimes we feel like if initially like someone, we have to keep making it work. Or we feel if we’ve invested some time, we should keep trying. Or, some of us might be so desperate for a date, that we’ll take anything that comes along–even if it’s not what we really want!

It can be tempting to hang on to a dead-end relationship, or even keep trying to create a relationship when it’s obviously not happening, just because being single isn’t always so great. Or you remember the early spark and keep trying to recreate it when it’s clear the situation is hopeless. I once read an article about the ways men and women approach relationships. It said that women are more likely to keep trying once they’ve invested some time while men are more likely to cut their losses and get out once it’s clear that things aren’t really going to work out. We all need to be brave enough to do that!

Some people might be perfectly nice and still not be the one for us. It might be hard to break up with them for that reason. But the reality is: you don’t have to fall in love with everyone you date. Don’t be afraid to let go of the wrong relationships or potential relationships, and don’t feel obliged to continue them. They just distract you from where you really need to be.


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