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This isn’t on the same topic as my usual posts, but it could make your life better if you are a cat lover….

I have two cats and I’ve tried so many kitty litters over the years. None of them really hide the scent like they promise. I hate the cheap ones that throw yucky dust in the air, I hate the ones that the cats track around the house, I hate the ones that don’t really clump. It’s hard to find a kitty litter that really does what it promises to do without costing more than I want to pay.

A couple months ago, I had a pretty good coupon for Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal kitty litter and it wasn’t too expensive, so I gave it a try. From the first day I used it, I noticed a big difference. This product promises to seal the odors into the litter and it really does it! I saw my cat get in the box and I braced myself for the stink, but almost as soon as the cat covered his mess, the smell was gone. I was surprised, but after a couple weeks, I was convinced that this stuff really does what it promises to do.

Last time I shopped, I had a coupon for a different kitty litter, so I bought it instead. Again, I can tell a difference. As soon as we are through this box, I am going back to the Clump & Seal. It does everything I want my cat’s litter to do. It clumps and hides the smell, it doesn’t track all over the house and it doesn’t throw dusty in my face when I pour it. I’m really pleased with this product!

agnut(Here are my two testers 🙂 )

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