Colgate Optic White Toothbrush and Whitening Pen review

When it comes to finding success, being respected by others and respecting yourself, good teeth matter. No matter how unfair it might be, people judge us by our appearance and our dental health. It’s important to make dental care a priority and an investment because it’s probably going to come back to you in the form of higher paying jobs and better networking connections!
As part of my investment in my teeth, I’ve been using the Colgate Optic White line of teeth whitening products. I’ve had great results with the toothpaste and the mouth rinse, so when I saw the ads for the new whitening pen, I wanted to try it too! I have one area that has “problem teeth” for me because the two teeth are pretty close together, so I take extra care when flossing between them. I noticed that area was not getting as white as the rest of my teeth, so I thought the whitening pen might be a good way to spot touch up.

According to the package, I should see results in two days if I use the pen twice a day. Well, I was a bit lazy on a couple days and only used it once a day…but now several days later, I definitely see a difference. That one weirdo spot is evening out to match the rest…yay!

With this set, you get an unusual toothbrush and the gel pen that fits into the handle of the toothbrush. The brush is different because, instead of having all bristles, it has some stubby rubber stems that are textured on the top and are meant to polish your teeth. When you first use the brush, it feels kind of weird, and you can feel the nubs squeaking against your teeth. But, I really like the brush. Sometimes after I brush thoroughly, I still have pockets where my toothbrush bristles leave food behind–especially on my gum line in the back. That does not happen with this brush, which is nice. In fact, I think I like the brush more than the whitening pen!

The whitening pen comes after you brush. Basically, you twist the cap a couple turns to release some gel, and then use the built-in rubber top to coat your teeth. The gel paints right on and seals to your teeth. The package says not to rinse it off. (It looks a bit weird, so I wouldn’t use it right before going out or anything.)

Overall, I don’t think the results are as dramatic as the mouth rinse or the toothpaste, but I’d buy it again just for the neat toothbrush and the ability to spot whiten.

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