Yes, I love Amazon….Another perk!

I know. I talk about how great Amazon is all the time. But I love it! I’m a Prime member, so I get free two-day shipping on all Prime-eligible items–which is pretty much all books, movies and music plus so many other things. I use their free app to download eBooks, I use their Amazon Mom and subscribe and save and more. But, there’s another perk I’m using these days…. Free digital credits! These credits are good towards movie, music and eBook downloads.

So how do you get them? Well, if you have Amazon Prime, you normally get free two-day shipping on Prime items. Every time you place an order and choose *not* to use your free two-day shipping, you get a $1 digital credit. Your shipping is still free, but you get that credit for not using the faster delivery. I order a lot of things on Amazon, so I love the free shipping option with my Prime account, but I don’t always need the items immediately. If I can wait, I take the credit. And I use it to buy more eBooks! (YAY!) I hate driving to the store, so I use Amazon for everything I can. Nearly everything is cheaper too, with the Subscribe and Save program. Diapers just show up at my door and I don’t have to lug them in and out of the car. I love that 🙂

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