Helpful site for women seeking a career change

I wanted to recommend a helpful site for women who are hoping to start a career, change a career, accelerate a career or start a business.

It’s called Classy Career Girl.

I started following the site owner, (Anna Runyan,) on Facebook last year, and she has some really good ideas that have inspired me to think about new tactics for my own career. She posts some thoughtful blogs with all kinds of career advice and she also frequently hosts free webinars. I participated in one webinar and got some great tips! Her blogs cover topics such as what to wear to work, paying off debt, networking, resumes and many more good subjects for ambitious working women. She does career coaching and sells packages as well, (I haven’t tried those options, but they sound very helpful as well.)

On her website, you can find a bunch of blogs, free tips and worksheets, and more information about her career courses and coaching. I try to keep up with all the new posts 🙂

I’m adding this website to the Helpful Links page.

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