The importance of your thoughts and how they affect your moods

Sunflower Field with setting Sun in Background, nice Sunburst and SunbeamsI’ve read so many books that talk about the power of your thoughts, and I’ve blogged about the importance of positive thoughts. What you think and what you dwell on can really affect your day, your mood, your attitude and your emotions. Still, when something bad happens, it is so easy to get caught up in thinking negative thoughts, which then generate more negative thoughts over and over until you are in a horrible mood. I am seeing that in action now.

I’ve had a few disappointments lately–the worst being that I was turned down for a job I really, really wanted after going to a second interview. It left me feeling pretty depressed and the thoughts started swirling around in my head–I was an idiot in the interview, I didn’t dress well, I didn’t look professional, I answered the questions stupidly, I am so far behind my peers, I’m an underachiever, I’m never going to get a job now…. But it’s time for me to get real about what is really going on. None of those things are true. In reality, what happened was someone else was a better match for that job. It doesn’t mean I’m a loser. It just means that wasn’t the place for me.

It’s so important to look at our situations realistically instead of letting the bad thoughts take over. And I’m reversing that negative course now. What is the truth? I did dress nicely, I got along well with the interviewers, I wasn’t nervous, I’m not stupid, I have qualifications to get a good job. But, there were possibly hundreds of other well-qualified applicants. And one day, I’m going to apply for a job where *I* am the perfect fit!

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