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Learning about resilience, class and determination from…Legally Blonde

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This one is another non-book review. I am in the middle of reading a bunch of interesting books right now, so I’ve been slacking on the reviews; however, it hit me today that I wanted to blog about the merits of this movie!

I discovered this movie on accident a few years ago when it was on TV and I was flipping through the channels. It starts out so silly that I sat there mesmerized and wondering what the heck this was! It is true that on the surface, this initially appears to be a very silly movie about a silly rich girl. I think that’s why I had never bothered to pay attention to it when it was new. But for whatever reason, I caught it on TV one day and kept watching it.

This is actually a really good movie! It’s not a classic or anything, but as I watched it, I was very impressed with the character of Elle Woods. Yes, she seems to be a shallow girl with shallow interests, but if you keep watching, you see that she is loving and loyal and she cares about the people around her. She’s cheerful and upbeat and, she just happens to be blessed with good looks and a great figure, too. But it’s her character qualities that stood out to me. She is the kind of person that we should aim to be more like.

Why? Well, I already mentioned she is loyal and caring, but she’s also determined. She comes up with a goal and she works and works until she succeeds. She doesn’t give up despite the roadblocks. This is a great quality to have! Imagine how much we could all achieve if we pushed and didn’t give up? Good for her!

Next, not only is she cheerful, but she remains even-mannered and polite to the people who hurt her. In the first movie, there is a group of girls that has decided she is just too stupid and blonde to be part of their circle. They treat her poorly and make sure to exclude her and embarrass her. What does she do? She doesn’t sink to their level. She feels hurt, but she puts on her smile and carries on. Again, a great attitude! By refusing to be mean back and by maintaining her thoughtful behavior, she wins their friendship, but more importantly, she shows that she is the bigger person.

Throughout both movies, she continues as a cheerful, determined woman who hits setbacks, but doesn’t let them drag her down, who meets enemies but doesn’t retaliate against them, who refuses to expose her friends’ secrets, and who remembers who her friends are. Hiding underneath this chick flick are some really good life lessons.
I enjoy watching this movie, because I think in many ways Elle Woods is a great role model. (Yes, I did say that!) I always come away smiling, and feeling good and empowered about my future. While I wouldn’t want to be exactly like her, I think we can learn something from her character’s kindness and her determination to succeed–not just how to act, but how to treat others.

Also, I didn’t know this, but there are books too! I found it while I was getting a link for the movie. I have no idea if they are good or not, but they sound fun! I even found a Barbie! Too cute 🙂

Take your vitamin D to avoid seasonal depression, cold and flu

Take your vitamin D to avoid seasonal depression, cold and flu

Take your vitamin D to avoid seasonal depression, cold and flu

As we get into the winter season here in the United States, many people face seasonal problems such as wintertime blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder and recurring colds or flus. It’s not always the happiest or healthiest time of the year, but there are things we can do to raise our moods and boost our immune systems.

One thing we can do is eat or take more Vitamin D. We all know that a well-balanced diet with good nutrition is important, but there are multiple studies showing that Vitamin D in particular has many important benefits–especially in the winter. For example, getting more Vitamin D can help improve seasonal depression, ward off colds and improve blood pressure.

This study found that depressed people who took Vitamin D supplements recovered better than people using light therapy. (Another related study showed that infants who received higher levels of Vitamin D were less likely to develop schizophrenia and people with other mental health problems had lower levels of Vitamin D.) Multiple studies found lower levels of Vitamin D in depressed people; however, for happier people who were not Vitamin D deficient to begin with, extra Vitamin D didn’t make a difference.

Another study reminds us that Vitamin D is great for bone health, but it also regulates the immune system. Vitamin D in cod liver oil has even been used for tuberculosis infections! One study found that people with low levels of Vitamin D were more likely to become sick and another found that people who took extra Vitamin D were less likely to catch the flu.

This article shows even more benefits of Vitamin D:
Regulating high blood pressure, reduced pre-cancerous polyps, lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis and more!

Some studies show that at least 25% of people are deficient in Vitamin D, and these are the people who are more at risk for developing a variety of illnesses. Especially during the winter, it is important to get more sunlight, (getting sun through a window is less effective,) and maybe take a supplement to protect your mood and health.

Five science-based ways to lift your mood quickly!



1. Take five minutes outside to exercise. This study found that just five minutes exercising outside helps lift your mood. It works even better if you are near water.





2. Listen to upbeat music. Many studies have shown that music can improve your mood.



3. Cuddle with your cat or dog. There are many health benefits to caring for a pet.



4. Take a bath…and wash your worries away according to this study.



5. Watch a funny movie, read some jokes, have some fun. Laughter is proven to reduce stress and improve your health.

The power of a shower! Washing away guilt and negative feelings

I like to browse the internet for new ways to feel good and inspired and I came across this interesting article the other day. Apparently, research shows that showers and bathing can actually make people feel like they have washed away their guilt, depression and worries. I have always enjoyed taking a nice bubble bath or a hot shower to de-stress, but it turns out that it might have been helping my moods more than I thought.

According to this article, people can literally feel like they are washing their problems or bad luck away. They feel more moral and less guilty after using anti-bacterial cleansers. Interesting!

Night light colors may affect your mood

Color therapy!

Color therapy!

Years ago, I had an unusual doctor who treated me in the typical way as far as giving prescriptions, etc…, but she also gave advice about alternative treatment. For example, she recommended using aromatherapy products to brighten my mood or reduce stress and she recommended color therapy as well. She asked me what kinds of colors I liked to wear, and what colors I used to decorate my house. I told her I used a lot of earthy colors like green and brown, and she pointed out that I didn’t have a lot of reds or oranges in my life. That is true. She gave me a maroon-colored silk sample and suggested I just enjoy the color of it, as well as trying to add more reds in my life. She thought it would help me feel less depressed and more energetic. I’m not sure how true this is, but I liked the idea of adding more variety in my life, so I’ve kept her advice in mind. When I buy decorations for my home, I try to find things that match my colors but also have reddish highlights. If nothing else, they are pretty, right?

Tonight I was reading through some psychology studies and found this article. Now, this is a study based on hamsters, so the article warns that it might not work for humans, but it does give us something to think about. The article found that at night, it’s best to have total darkness, but if you do like a night light, you maybe best off using a red night light instead of clear or blue. Hamsters that had red night lights at night were less depressed. The researchers concluded that people who work third shift may benefit from red-based lighting instead of white lights.

Of course there is a stigma to using a red light 😉 but reading this study reminded me of the maroon silk sample my old doctor gave me. It’s interesting advice to use red-colored items to avoid depression. Maybe there is something to color therapy….

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