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Money-Making Tip

I think we all would love to find a legitimate way to make money online, right? Well, you aren’t going to get rich, but there are some sites that will pay you to do tasks or take surveys. I’ve made about $35 this week, which isn’t so bad! I aim for $5 a day and it takes minimal time. I have two main sites that I use and this one is my favorite right now:

It’s called Inbox Dollars. What I like about it is, they send you a few e-mails through the day called “PaidEmail” that allow you to make a few cents just by clicking on them and reading them. It adds up…. There are also numerous offers for free surveys–some of which are one-time-only and others are daily options. They are short and pay anywhere from 35 cents to over a dollar. I do one or two in between chores or a few while I’m eating a meal and makes some extra spending money. Also, for every survey you take, you get a free spin on their virtual wheel. You can win anything from a few cents to $5. There are also options for making money for trying free trials or for purchasing items, but you aren’t required to purchase anything to participate in the numerous free offers. Some of the offers are for placing an order through various online websites to get an incentive payment, so if you know you want to do some online shopping, just make sure you click through Inbox Dollars. For example, you can get 2% through Wal-Mart or Target, 3% through Kohls, 5% through Avon or 15% through (I wish I’d known this when I did some fall clothing shopping on, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future!) This isn’t everything–there are a lot more options for making money. Once you accumulate $30, you can cash out. It honestly doesn’t take long to get to that point. I’ve made more than that in a week and I have only done the free offers! One thing I will recommend is that you use an e-mail account that is separate from your personal or business accounts because you will get a lot of messages. Small price to pay to make extra money easily from home!

Free books and a way to catalog your home library!

If you love reading and learning about new books, (and you are nerdy enough to want to catalog your books!) you may want to visit and join Library Thing! This site allows you to catalog your books, view your friends’ collections, make new friends with similar interests, get recommendations and more. You can join for free and you can start entering your book titles; however, the free membership is limited. If you want to add hundreds of books, you can join for $10 a year or $25 for life. I joined for life in 2009 and have really gotten my money’s worth. Why? Because, as a member, you can apply to be an “early reviewer.” Authors and publishers list their unreleased books that they giving away for free and you can apply to be a reviewer. If chosen, you will receive the book in the mail (or sometimes they offer e-books.) You are expected to review the book in exchange. If you don’t actually review it, there are no consequences; however, being a good reviewer lets the site give you higher priority for future free books. I always try to be fair and thorough in my reviews and I’ve received a couple dozen free books that I’ve reviewed. In fact, I discovered one of my favorite authors this way! It’s a great way for you to discover unknown authors, as well as a great way for them to let you discover their books. Good deal!

I read and reviewed Arcadia Falls by Carol Goodman and liked it so much, I went on to read all of her books!

Making money by testing products!

If you live near the Cincinnati, Ohio area, you might want to consider testing products for Proctor and Gamble. You can sign up online to be considered for their research center. Most of the offers are for baby products, but they sometimes have options to test other products. The test studies require at least one visit to the center, and often more, but they can pay off quite well. My son was involved in a diaper study as a newborn and I received a $250 gift card! Most of the studies we’ve been offered have been for lower amounts, but every bit helps and it’s fun to try the new products! The payment amounts are based on the time required, but I have found them to be very generous. They always come in the form of a pre-paid gift card that you can use as a major credit card. You do want to make sure you live nearby, though, to make sure the drive is worth the reward.

A cheap way for families to travel!

I love to travel and go on road trips, but I do not always have a lot of money to pay for hotels. My answer? I stay in a KOA Kamping Kabin! It’s not as rustic as sleeping on the ground and you don’t have to stop and pitch the tent, but it’s also not as expensive as a hotel. The kabins always have fans, electrical outlets and locking doors. I’m sure there are other campgrounds that offer camping cabins, but I stick with KOA because they are consistent and easy to use. The campgrounds are always kid friendly and the bathrooms are clean. You can also buy a membership to save 10% on your stay, (among other benefits.) Plus, there are KOAs all over the place in the US and Canada. They are a good option for traveling on a budget.

If you go, don’t forget your atlas!

I got this one for my kids:

Have fun!

An easy way to get started cleaning a big mess!

I don’t know about you, but my life is busy!

But…I still want my house to stay nice and organized. So I use “five minute clean-ups.” Even if I’m tired or having something more fun that I want to do, I make myself take five minutes to do a chore or at least part of one. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference you can make in five minutes! Once I get started, if I’m on a roll, I just keep working.

Tasks you can do in five minutes: pick up a bunch of toys, wash some dishes, clear off the table, go through the mail, clean the sink or toilet, run the vacuum, fold some laundry, and more!

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