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Life As You Make It

I am a learning to be assertive and to make my own life my way.

I used to be a passive person with poor boundaries. This led to dead-end jobs, abusive relationships, boring dates, underachieving and constant disappointment.

I’m tired of that!

I am learning to respect myself, set boundaries, speak up about my wants and needs, and start achieving.

Life As You Make It is a blog about ways you can take charge to make your life better. I am on my personal journey and I’m searching better ways to live my life.

This is a page for women who feel unfulfilled, who feel like they have lost direction, who feel helpless, who keep getting used and walked on, who feel stuck in a dead-end job, who have been abused, who are frustrated with life.

This is a page for women who want to find happiness, find inner strength, learn to be assertive, learn to have good boundaries, meet the right people, raise happy children, raise their EQ–emotional intelligence, learn from others.

Life As You Make It focuses on reviewing and recommending beneficial self-help books so you know if they are right for you. We also share studies and reports that can help us improve ourselves and our lives. We offer ideas and tips to help you reach your goals. From self-improvement, family life and parenting to career goals and budgeting, Life As You Make It believes that education gives you the tools to have a better life! We also share about life lessons we’ve learned and are learning, because there are a lot of women out there with similar experiences. We can learn from life, others’ experiences, researchers and authors; we can learn from everyone we meet and everything that happens to us!

Our mission is to empower you and inspire you to find the right books and tools to help you make your life better.

About me personally: My educational background is in English and Education…and life! I’m a mom of two toddlers, a writer, blogger, jewelry designer, and more. I’m also an avid reader and a strong believer in constantly improving myself and learning new things. Every book I review here or tip I offer is something that has personal significance for me. I really have read each book at least once.

You will find a variety of topics because I have a variety of interests, but typically you will see book reviews relating to:
abuse recovery, narcissistic abuse, personal growth, parenting, women’s health and fitness, financial goals and finding success.

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  • Robin

    Do you have a book suggestion on narcissistic daughters? I am divorcing her narcissistic father and this is hard on me and my son who have been abused. Thank you

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