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I am not related to these pages, but I wanted to start listing links that are especially helpful for developing boundaries, raising self-esteem, and making the most of your life.

Baggage Reclaim–This lady really gets it! I’ve been going through her blog and she has so many smart things to say. I’m nodding my head and having light bulb moments! She has such great advice about self-esteem, boundaries, self-respect and more. I haven’t read her books or purchased anything from her store…yet, but I plan to. The store items look bright and cheerful and the books sound very helpful. When I make my order, I will report back!

The Rules Revisited–This page is based on the idea of the book The Rules, but it is from a man’s point of view. Some readers may find some posts controversial, but overall, he offers a lot of good common sense ideas for women who want to meet the right man. A lot of the truths are hard truths, and he addresses topics like appearance, boundaries and what men tend to be looking for.

Classy Career Girl–This is a website/blog that is highly-acclaimed! It is run by a lady named Anna Runyan who was moving up the corporate ladder, but realized she hated her job. She followed her dreams to create her dream career–which is helping other women find their dream careers. The website has a helpful blog with great career tips, free worksheets, and information about the career courses and coaching that she offers.

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